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The Stations of the Resurrection (June 5, 6:30 PM)

Through Lent and Passiontide there has been a long tradition in the Church of meditating on the events of the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus, called the Stations of the Cross. In the latter part of the twentieth century a complementary devotion emerged, possibly from the Iberian peninsula, called the Stations of the Resurrection or the Stations of Joy. They provide much-needed resources for the celebration of the Great Fifty Days.
As with the Stations of the Cross, we move from station to station, reading an appropriate Bible passage and meditating on it. By using the resurrection appearances as a focus for reflection and meditation we have an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the Easter mysteries of the resurrection of our Lord. The resurrection appearances are more than just stories or history, they are a record of personal encounters with our risen Lord, so we give silence and space to allow the liturgy to enable that encounter to happen anew today.
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