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Confirmation & Reception Online Class (Part II) – July 5 to Aug 2

Online Zoom Confirmation / Reception Class. Sign-up required. Please contact Pastor Justin at revjustin [at]

From “To Be a Christian” – an Anglican catechism:

137. What is confirmation?Confirmation is the laying on of the bishop’s hands with prayer for strengthening by the Holy Spirit, following a period of catechetical formation. In confirmation, I make a mature confession of faith, publicly renewing the vows and promises made at my Baptism. (Deuteronomy 6:4–25; Psalm 119:33–40; Acts 8:14–17;2 Timothy 1:6–7)

138. What grace does God give you in confirmation?In confirmation, I am further empowered and gifted by the Holy Spirit for daily growth in wisdom, courage, and humility before God in every aspect of my life and work. (Psalms 37:3–31; 71:17–18;Isaiah 11:2–5; Acts 19:6; Jude 3, 17–25; “Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation,” Book of Common Prayer 2019)

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