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To Be a Christian: Foundational Catechism (Part I)

Runs October 18 – November 15, 9:00-9:45

This is part I of our year-long class on the basics of Christian faith. It is based on “To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism” and the 39 Articles. It is an introduction into authentic Christian belief and practice and centers around the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments.

Is this class for you?

1) This class is for all seekers and those new to the NCC parish. We want to emphasize deep, comprehensive discipleship right from the start!

2) It is also for those preparing for Parish Membership and Confirmation/Reception. Participants may be received into Parish Membership and Confirmation once the four part series has been completed. Aside from the class, time will be made to explore aspects of parish membership and the meaning of Confirmation/Reception.

A Zoom link will also be available for those who cannot join us in person.

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