Three Cheers for Archbishop Foley Beach!

An encouragement for the People of New Creation Church (Anglican). Written August 31, 2021. By the Rev. Justin Clemente.

Dear Church:

Please join me in giving thanks for Archbishop Beach! Last month, I received the above letter from +Foley. What struck me was the simple, straightforward commitment to Jesus, the Scriptures, the Creeds, and the historic Christian Faith.

The book he recommends in the letter is no less straightforward and faithful. In it, author Michael Youssef makes the basic point that anyone who wants to “save” Christianity is usually trying to destroy it, even if well intended. Christianity doesn’t need to be saved – people do.

So, I heartily commend the Archbishop’s words to you, as well as the book. Thanks be to God for the godly leadership he’s given us in our Church!

You can read the whole text of the letter sent out to Clergy below: