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Synod Joy! | November 19-20, 2021

By Fr. Justin Clemente. Posted November 23, 2021.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Synod with Brooke, Nan (our Lay Delegate), and Mae (our first ever Youth Delegate).

Our host, The Falls Church Anglican, was simply first class. We got to experience all the trimmings of their new campus. Their folks were simply wonderful – especially moving to me was the choral singing during Holy Communion. Really something special.

As always, church planting was front and center at Synod – Canon Tuck Bartholomew and others spoke for a solid hour on all things “mission” in the Diocese. DOMA’s commitment to mission was, once again, also reflected in the diocesan budget lines. Praise God!

It was a joy to see Mae do such a solid job of reading from the Old Testament at the Friday night Eucharist. Nan commented how wonderful it was to be with a group of people who truly do believe the words they say in worship. Indeed. As I processed into worship on Friday evening, I had a tangible sense of the power and presence of God blessing our Friday night Eucharist. Our Lord met us there! Lastly, our good friend, Fr. Darryl Fitzwater, and his folks over at Church of the Ascension, were received into DOMA as a congregation (rather than a mission). Thanks be to God who gives the growth! In the Greek, Synod literally means “walking together.” In union with our Lord and his gospel, we are indeed walking together. Thanks be to God!

…And, pictures! Check them out below.