Giving Thanks for Our Vestry

By Fr. Justin Clemente. September 5, 2022.

This past weekend, Brooke and I shared much of our Saturday with the Vestry and their spouses on retreat at the Claggett Center in Frederick County. Our day included a good hour and a half hike (and I mean a HIKE!), lunch, Eucharist service with a meditation, and game time. Who knew Taboo could be so fun and frustrating at the same time! Personally, I’m gearing up for NEXT TIME.

During our time together around the Eucharist (in the beautiful Thomas Beckett Chapel, pictured above), we shared in a meditation on being a creature of God. The speaks to our dependence upon the Lord. Our lives are a given – in an ultimate sense, we earn nothing, and God gives us fresh mercies every morning before we rise to do anything. This a good reminder for each of us, but especially for our Vestry members – we serve and lead, but God gives the growth in the Body of Christ we desire to see. We are his creatures, he is our Lord. We rest and work in him.

It was honor to be with our lay leaders and their spouses! Next time you see a Vestry member or spouse, please thank them for all the hard work they put in to serving the Body at New Creation. And, would you pray about serving on the Vestry in the year to come? Right now, I’m personally praying that God will raise up new men and women to serve together and experience the joy that comes with growing as a community of disciples, dependent on the Lord. This is what a Vestry should be!