Renew Groups 2023 | 1 Peter & Exile Christianity

This year, our groups are studying 1 Peter: Offering Real Joy on Our Journey Through This World by Juan Sanchez.

Meets once-a-month in tandem with our Parents’ Night Out offering every third Wednesday of the month (starts January 18th, 2023). This co-ed group meets from 6:30-8 pm @ our building: 20 South Prospect Street, Hagerstown, MD.

About the Book

This is an Expository Bible-study guide to 1 Peter helping Christians under cultural pressure.

The book of 1 Peter could have been written for our times—a time of antagonism toward biblical ethics, and the marginalization of biblical Christians. Into that culture—our culture—Peter speaks of hope and offers joy as he points believers home to heaven.

Juan Sanchez brings his experience of ministry in the US and Latin America, and his pastoral wisdom and insight, to this wonderful epistle—an epistle that every Christian needs to treasure today.

What is a Renew Group?

At New Creation, we embrace small groups as one of the primary means of continual discipleship. We are committed to regular, intentional community and fellowship with one another in this way. Three things should happen at every Renew Group:

1) Fellowship

2) Topical study based out of the Scriptures

3) Mutual encouragement in prayer

It’s our desire that everyone leave encouraged in the Faith and personally lifted up in prayer.

Within Renew Groups, there is a host and a study leader for each study. Generally, these should not be the same person.

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