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what about priests?

4522863092_6aed3dafd3_oWell, we usually call the minister here “Pastor.” Nonetheless, Anglicans have for centuries called their pastors priests. Why? Doesn’t the New Testament talk about all believers being priests?​

Well, English is a funny language. Let’s start with the Greek word often translated in the New Testament as ‘Elder.’ It’s presbyteros ​which became presbyter and then prester (dropping the by syllable) in various forms of Latin. Prester became Old English preost, which became the word priest. Unfortunately, the same English word is used to describe the people who were the intermediaries between God and his people in the Old Testament–but different Greek words were used. When we say ‘priest’ we mean the God-ordained order of ministry represented by elders (presbyters) in the New Testament–not people who stood between God and his people.

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