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Attendance, Membership and Belonging at New Creation

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All are welcome at New Creation Church.  You and your family are welcome to worship with us, to come to our classes and small group meetings, and to share life together.  As a community of Jesus, we believe God’s welcome means you can belong before you believe. You need not identify as an Anglican to be one of us.  We are one congregation of the church in Washington County, and in the worldwide Body of Christ.  Entrance into the Body of Christ is by faith, and is signed and sealed in Baptism.  We dedicate or baptize children as infants, as parents prefer.  Communion is open to those baptized and following Jesus as Lord.

But as one grows in affection and affinity for our church family, what does it look like to truly “belong” at New Creation? Over time, NCC has developed a clear path for all, regardless of where folks are coming from. Here’s what it looks like:

New Creation 101: Christianity Explored

All inquirers and seekers are encouraged to attend this course, held at various times through out the year. From the course description: “Christianity Explored gives people time and space to discover the best news they’ve ever heard. Over seven interactive sessions, as they explore Mark’s Gospel, people find out who Jesus is, what he achieved, and what it means for us today.”

New Creation 102: Baptism & Holy Communion Preparation

Through out the year, believers young and old are prepared to receive the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Teaching focuses on the biblical roots of Baptism and Holy Communion as outward signs of God’s goodness and grace, given to sustain us in the Christian life. An instructed Eucharist is also used to help believers fully engage with Holy Communion. Find out more on our approach to Holy Communion and Baptism over at our sacraments and Baptism FAQ pages.

New Creation 103: Parish Membership

In order to become a Member of New Creation Church, you must take our Membership Class – NCC Core Class 103 – and agree to Membership Blessings & Responsibilities. Believers in the Lord Jesus who are 16 years or older are eligible to become members.  We offer membership class twice a year.  Since the course occur at different times in the year, you can be a member without being Confirmed, and you can be Confirmed without being a member. See the Membership tab for more info.

The first step toward identifying with our congregation is what we call our “Welcome Ritual.”  When you have decided to make us your home church, and you are ready to be introduced, Pastor Justin introduces you and your family on Sunday morning, and asks you, “Have you decided to make New Creation Church your home church – the primary place where you worship, serve, and give for the advance of the Kingdom of God?”  You say “Yes,” and we greet you and pray for you.  Now you “attend” NCC.

New Creation 104: Spiritual Gifts Discovery & Ministry Training Networking

The goal of this course is to equip and deploy Christians for effective service in Christ’s body. It begins with a comprehensive spiritual gifts inventory (identifying how God has uniquely gifted you to worship and serve him). It concludes with a networking session, where the class works together to identify the right ministry team and leadership connections based on which spiritual gifts were identified.

New Creation 105: Confirmation/Reception

We ask our high school students, when they have made a mature decision to follow Christ as Lord, to Confirm their faith publicly in this ancient rite with their personal testimony.  We also encourage all our adult members to fully identify themselves with our movement and receive the blessing of our godly bishop, by being Confirmed/Received into the Anglican Communion, or reaffirmed. The class is offered every year.

The content of the course focuses on Anglican essentials as defined by the Thirty-Nine Articles and the Anglican Catechism, To Be a Christian.

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