Parish Membership Blessings & Responsibilities

There are several levels of fellowship within the Body of Christ at New Creation. These deepening levels of fellowship flow necessarily out of our Baptism into Christ and our confession of faith in him:

  1. Ministry Partners: people who support our ministry but who do not consider New Creation their home church.
  2. Newcomers: those actively interested in fellowship with NCC, but new to the church.
  3. Regular Attenders: this group considers NCC their home church, are actively growing in regular fellowship, worship, service and giving to the glory of God.
  4. Parish Members: 1) have received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism with water in the Name of the Trinity, 2) are recognized by the Rector as regular worshippers and by the Treasurer or Wardens as regular contributors, 3) have been Confirmed or Received into the Anglican Church in North America (or Province in communion with the ACNA), and 4) agree to take on the duties and blessings of membership as given below:

It is the joyful duty of the laity and especially of every voting member of the Church:

  • To worship God, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, every Lord’s Day in a Church unless reasonably prevented;
  • To pursue instruction in the Holy Scripture and the Doctrine of the Church as found in:
    • The Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds;
    • The Anglican Formularies: The Book of Common Prayer 1662 (Together with the Ordinal attached to the same) and the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion 1571;
    • The Church Fathers and the teaching of the first four Councils as well as the Christological clarifications of the fifth, sixth, and seventh Councils, in so far as they are agreeable to the Holy Scriptures;
    • The Catechism of the ACNA;
  • To engage regularly in the reading and study of Holy Scripture and the Doctrine of the Church;
  • To pray regularly for their needs and those of others, for the Church and its mission, and for the concerns of the world;
  • To lead a godly and sober life, not giving scandal to the Church, but rather giving glory to God and charity to their neighbors;
  • To practice daily repentance and daily confess again their trust in the sufficiency of Christ to forgive all sin;
  • To humbly confess their sins in the divine service or other services and with hearty repentance and true faith receive Christ’s absolution;
  • To confess their sins to a minister of Christ’s gospel when they are unable to quiet a troubled conscience; that they may receive godly counsel, direction, and absolution;
  • To practice forgiveness daily according to our Lord’s teaching;
  • To receive worthily the Sacrament of Holy Communion as often as reasonable;
  • To present their children and those they have led to the Lord for baptism and confirmation;
  • To cheerfully give their time, talent, and treasure in support to the Church;
  • To observe the feasts and fasts of the Church set forth in the calendar of the Anglican Church;
  • To affirm and follow the biblical standards of sexual morality and ethics;
  • To devote themselves to the ministry of Christ among those who do not know Him, utilizing the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives them, for the effective extension of Christ’s Kingdom.

Parish Members agree that they will endeavor in good faith to fulfill these responsibilities and receive these blessings as they are able, with the Lord’s help.