Membership Blessings & Responsibilities


1.     You are identified as a believer and supporter of our ministry.

2.     You are provided a Spiritual Family to support and encourage you in your walk with Christ. You are nourished in your growth through the ministry of the preached Word and celebration of the Sacraments.

3.     You come fully under the spiritual covering, authority, protection and teaching of godly leaders, including your Archbishop, Bishop, Rector, Clergy, and small group leader.

4.     You have the accountability you need to grow.

5.     You are eligible for service as a leader in our church.

6.     You are eligible to vote in Vestry elections to choose our leaders, and in congregational votes.


I will Protect the Unity of New Creation Church

a. by acting in love toward other members

b. by refusing to gossip

c. by following the godly life, example, and teaching of pastors and leaders

d. by speaking blessings and encouragement to others

I will Share the Responsibility of my church

a. by praying for its growth and ministry, and for our leaders and members

b. by praying for unchurched neighbors, serving them in love, and sharing a verbal witness with them of God’s work in my life

c. by inviting others to Small Group, Sunday worship, or other events

d. by joining a small group, and mentoring one younger person in the church

I will Serve the Ministry of my church

a. by discovering my gifts and passion

b. by being equipped to serve

c. by developing a servant’s heart

d. by serving in one ministry for those in the church, and one ministry for those outside the church

I will Support the Witness of my church

a. by attending faithfully and by living a godly life

b. by strongly considering becoming Confirmed or Received into the Communion of this Church

c. by giving regularly, sacrificially, and proportionally (10% or toward 10% as a baseline)

d. by joining with Christians from other churches to serve and love our community

I will endeavor in good faith to fulfill these responsibilities as I am able, with the Lord’s help.