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Through out the year, New Creation gets into the midst of our community by signing up as a non-profit vendor at a local Craft Beer Festival, Wine Festival, and Peach Festival. We look for opportunities for Gospel & prayer ministry and engage folks on the work of the church. For example, the Craft Beer Festival falls on St. Patrick’s day, and so we give out a nifty hand out that tells people all about the real Patrick and the Gospel he preached! Sign up and be part of our team!


“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” (Hebrews 13:16)

Service and worship: how often do we think of these two words as intimately related. Truth is, in the New Testament, they are inseparable. At New Creation, we are focused on loving our community – and if we’re going to love our community, we’re going to have to serve our community!

To that end, we’re meeting quarterly to clean up various neighborhoods within our community. See our calendar for our next date. Is it possible to think that something as simple as picking up trash could change someone’s life – even your life? Let’s find out. For more information, please contact Thomas & Melissa Dasch @ ncchagerstown@live.com.

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Each year, our church community descends upon Pangborn Park with loads of food, sports and kids activities/crafts, music, and lots of fun! The event is heavily advertised in the community, and is 100% free. Our last cook out attracted an estimated 300 people and even featured a local band (The Twice Born Band). Each year, our theme is the paid-for feast that we have in Christ because of the Gospel.

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More info coming soon!

Are you interested in serving in one of our ministry teams/events? Please contact us at ncchagerstown@live.com