New Creation is proud to be a Ministry Safe member church. All of our nursery volunteers and staff who work with children are required to go through a thorough, four-part onboarding process which includes application, interview, reference checks, abuse awareness training via Ministry Safe,  adherence to our own Children’s Ministry Policy, the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic’s Child Protection Policy, and a mandatory background check.

For Parish Volunteers & Nursery Attendants

Here’s what you need to begin your four-step onboarding process:

  • Step One: Complete the Employment and Background Application and Interview Questions (to be discussed via an in-person interview). Return all documentation to the Nursery Coordinator (Brooke Clemente).
  • Step Two: Criminal background check and references completed & contacted (to be completed by NCC after documentation in step one is received). This background check is renewed every two years.
  • Step Three: To equip New Creation volunteers & staff with information necessary to recognize abuser characteristics and grooming behavior, New Creation Church requires volunteers & staff to complete MinistrySafe sexual abuse awareness training (link to training to be provided by NCC). This training must be renewed every two years.
  • Step Four: Review and sign off on our NCC Children’s Policy. Return your signature page to the Nursery Coordinator. This documents governs our expectations for building safety, discipline, diapering/bathroom use, and physical interaction. Volunteers & staff must also review the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic’s Children Protection Policy.